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Be the Difference

be the difference article photoI’ll start with a confession. I’m already over the Christmas season. I’m too booked with events, parties, activities, practices, fun, seeing lights, and so so much more. I feel like I am already 4 hours behind by the time I was up. Which is normally 5:15am, but today it was 2:15am because my Cody boy was excited to get to the skate park this afternoon…

Nevertheless, I start the day and each hour feels like I’m getting further and further behind. Its easy to get weary and depressed in this kind of a situation and even easier to lose the real reason for the season.

I made a commitment to myself a few years back, it went something like this, “when you get tired, overworked, bummed out, or what ever – DO SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE ELSE!” It works every time. It puts everything in perspective almost immediately. Those holiday blues you are feeling really are #FirstWorldProblems. This is the perfect season to do it. So get on it, and BE the Difference today. You have an entire community around you that will be absolutely blessed by your skills. Put them to use, if you’re a handyman, go fix your neighbors gate; if you are computer savvy, help your elderly neighbor with her’s; if you’re out to sushi, buy someones dinner anonymously next to you at the sushi bar; and if your blessed with wealth, help somebody tomorrow, without any extra benefit or acknowledgement to you. There is no better time than today and all it takes is one step forward, one step of action from you. You’ll be an absolute blessing beyond measure to those people around you. This is the kind of stuff that makes a difference.

On a separate but related note, I spoke with a father of one of our patient’s recently. It was one of my favorite and most intriguing conversations I’ve had in a while. You see, he has two kids that play baseball, and play well. Traditionally in South OC, if you have a baseball kid, they play a lot of baseball. All year, on multiple teams, and have specific position coaches/workouts throughout the week to boot. That’s the tradition, but this guy, he is breaking that mold, which made me extremely excited.

He said, “This year, we’re spending time on what makes my kids healthier and better athletes.”

I was obviously impressed and asked for more information.

He responded, “Well that’s what a large majority of colleges are doing with their incoming freshman.”

“Doing what?” I asked.

“They’re making them better by resting, healing, stretching, working out, and becoming stronger athletes so they can handle the long grueling season.”

At this point, I almost fell out of my chair.

“So let me get this straight,” I responded, “You are purposefully going to practice less, throw less, and play less so that you can ensure a better season of competition.”

“Yes, that’s exactly it,” the father replied.

It was all I could do to not stand up and hug him. Finally, someone gets it!

This well informed father is making a difference for his kids and I am glad to hear it. A stronger, limber, healed, and well rested athlete makes for a better competitor every time. So work on YOU this winter season. Be a better athlete. Find your weakness and improve on it. Running your body into the ground day in and day out, can only take you so far forward before it starts pushing you backwards fast.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you and your families. I wish you health, happiness, and PR’s this season. Thank you for being part of the Rausch PT and ABC Pilates family.

Kevin Rausch

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The Dream is Free

thedreamisfreeYou probably know already that I am a sucker for inspiration graphics. Especially those that rock the boat and stimulate action. I saw a great one last week on The Instagram, “The Dream is Free, but the Hustle is Sold Separately” – Aaron Brougher.

Folks this one is right on the money… Everyone has dreams, but only a select few can put those dreams on paper and make an action plan. Put it all on the line to accomplish their dream and turn it into a reality.

So what does “hustle” look like to you?  Last month we spoke about the little things that you can do to better take care of yourself in between workouts. These little things are the “Hustle”. But hustle comes in so many different forms. And its different for all of us in our unique situations, goals, and dreams. The bottom line is “hustle” looks like this: hus-tle- “obtain by forceful action or persuasion”.

So act. Make a difference. Get after it. Get on it. And move forward already. Its there waiting for you, but its not waiting patiently. Its moving, its dynamic, and its always changing. So should you.

So what’s your dream?

Ironman, Varsity, 10k, Lose weight, Build a business, Travel, Olympics, Serve in the Armed Forces, Help children, Be on TV, Pro baseball, College, Grad School… All of these are amazing dreams, but they don’t come by chance. They don’t even come by luck. In fact, they all have one thing in common, work. Thats the cool thing about it though, its just work. Albeit, hard work but we can all do it. And so can you.

Put your dream on paper, make your plan, and get to work.

On a related note, thanks for supporting my dream. Rausch PT has been years in the making and it exists to serve you, our patients. But you all are more than that. To us, you are the reason why we are here, you are the reason why we work so hard, and you’re the reason why we strive to be the best. For you. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your amazing Yelp reviews. Thank you for telling your friends and family about us. We’ve been so blessed this year to have you a part of our office. Thanks for choosing Rausch PT & Sports Performance.

Best to you and your families this Thanksgiving Season.

Kevin Rausch

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5 Season Success Tips

5 Successful Season Tips | Rausch PT & Sports Performance“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out” – Robert Collier.

I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Collier, but what do those small efforts look like on an everyday level? What are the little things that your body needs to stay healthy as you endure a grueling season of ___________ (it all counts).

This list is meant to be encouraging. So don’t go getting all – “I don’t have time for that”, “I’m too busy to take care of myself, I have too much training/practice to do”. The key to this opportunity is SMALL. Remember, its all the little things that you do that keep you healthy and in the game.

5 Successful Season Tips | Rausch PT & Sports Performance

  1. Have a great OFF SEASON! – this is your chance to let your body heal up. Get rested and get ready for the next opportunity to succeed. So if you skip this, you are missing out. Give your self 2-4 weeks of fun, play, recovery, something different. When making your training program, start with a defined off-season. Whether your 11 or 59 playing baseball or running a marathon, your body is not meant to do the same thing all year round.
  2. Get STRONGER – that’s right people strong and stable muscles get hurt less, they protect joints, they hit the ball further and they protect you. So get stronger. The pre-season time is best time to make this happen. 3-5 strength workouts per week: weights, crossfit, boot camp, ABC Pilates, Run Fusion, etc. You can strength training (and you should) during season too, but knock it down to 1-2 strength workouts per week.
  3. 5 Successful Season Tips | Rausch PT & Sports PerformanceBuild your CORE – your core is where its at. Its the center of you, its the first thing that contracts when you throw a baseball and it should be engaged during your entire marathon. It can be trained daily and core work should be challenging but fun. No I am not talking about sit ups here, they work your abs and make you look good on the beach; but they don’t do much for your core. I’m talking about Planks, Overhead Squats, Spiderman’s, Pilates, Inch-worms, etc… These strengthen and stabilize the center of you so that your arms and legs can be awesome.
  4. RECOVER every day – if you want to feel great for tomorrow’s workout. Your time spent recovering each day is dependant on how long and how hard your days workout was. It can be as easy as icing your throwing elbow, to as long as wearing compression pants for 6 hours after your workout. Remember, how you recover today will determine how well you start practice tomorrow.

Check out these RECOVERY opportunities:

  • Cool Down for 10 minutes after your workout (stretch, drills, technique work)
  • Ice if it hurts or is sore for 10 minutes. Or if you really want to treat yourself, jump in an ice bath for 8 minutes.
  • Compression Pants – these work great to reduce lactic acid build up, flush your legs, and are research proven to make you run/ride faster tomorrow. 3-6 hours of wear after your workout is best.
  • Stretch – spend 2 minutes stretching every muscle you used in todays practice. Slow and easy. And if your coach tells you not to stretch because it will make you slower, find a new coach (yes, I’ve heard this before:)
  • Tissue work – foam roll, massage stick, massage, ART, etc. All of it works as long as you do it! This is the most important step to recovery. Spend time rewarding your tissues for the hard work they put in today. In fact, if you are going to pick one thing to do out of this whole post, PICK THIS ONE!
  1. Technique – spend time honing in your technique. Work on your mechanics, do focused drills in your warm up and cool down during every workout. This is a great way to prevent injury, because the vast majority of overuse injuries come from flawed techniques. Did you know that during a 3 hour bike ride your knees bend and straighten over 16,200 times! If you do it wrong 16,000 times every workout, you’re going to get hurt! Same goes for baseball. If you throw the ball 100 times per game with bad mechanics your elbow and your shoulder will get injured. So do it RIGHT. #RunRIGHT, #BikeRIGHT, #ThrowRIGHT – biomechanical analysis and movement correction to help you get it RIGHT.
  2. Get Treated – often. Your body goes through a lot every practice. Not all of it ends up in an injury, if taken care of. But it will end up in the dreaded time off, season ending, ordeal if you don’t listen to your body and get it worked on. Who works on you is up to you, PT’s, Chiro’s, ART’ers, Massage Therapists, etc are all great at keeping your tissues healthy. So find someone in your area, that helps make a difference. Of course Rausch PT has 7 PT’s, 4 massage therapists, an ART guy, and a whole rad team to keep you in the game. I know not everyone reading this lives in the OC. So go find someone that know’s how to work with athletes and can keep your tissues healthy. The more often you get treated the better you’ll feel, practice, respond, and succeed.

Bottom line, take care of your body this season and it will take care of you.

“Listen to your body when it whispers to you, because when it screams at you its too late”Amber Neben, World Champion Cyclist.

I love this line from Amber, she’s right on. Do the little things that add up to a successful season of whatever you play. Parents, you’ll have to chat with and keep up with your kids as they work hard on their teams. Pain is never normal in any sport for any reason. Utilize the #fastpassPT option at Rausch PT to get in right away. No prescription needed to get examined and fixed by the best PT’s.

One last point – as the end of the year is coming soon. You have the opportunity to use Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts – you can use these towards our Performance Lab services. Right Right. Bike Right. Throw Right. VO2 Max. AlterG. ABC Pilates. Custom Orthotics and Hypoxico.

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5 Things to Consider When Selecting Health Insurance

Leading Off-blogWelcome back Fall! Ok – its Africa hot outside and we’re not even close to boot and sweater weather, but all the other aspects of Fall are here. Football’s on, school’s back, IM Kona is coming, and the fishing is as good as its ever been.

One aspect of Fall that sometimes gets overlooked is selecting your Health Insurance Plan. This usually happens in October and YOU have a choice this year. Many of us were surprised, shocked, and overwhelmed by the “un-Covered California” debacle this past year. This month is your chance to truly inspect your Health Insurance coverages and limitations. Don’t take anything for granted, look, ask, and make sure you know what you are buying.

This year our front desk and billing teams did an outstanding job of figuring out the sneaky insurance tactics that so many insurance groups used. They are Pro’s at it and I am thankful for their diligence and commitment to YOU. In fact, they were the first to un-cover the “covered California” narrow network produced by Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Some of you may be acutely aware of the “narrow network” by the two Blue’s, as you watched your favorite providers be left off the narrow list this year. For those affected by the Blue Cross or Blue Shield narrow network issues, there are many class action lawsuits going against these insurances. Please check into them.

Top 5 Things to Watch for This Year:

  • Visit limits (24 PT visits per calendar year is a good average)
  • Insurance reviews and restrictions to care (United HC and Cigna are actively restricting the number of visits and care that you get)
  • Narrow networks (Blue Cross & Shield)
  • High dollar co-pay’s per visit (United HC)
  • Prescription Requirements (Californian’s have a #FastPass access to Physical Therapy care whenever they want it (according to CA law), however, some insurance companies are still un-lawfully requiring prescriptions for PT care.

The days of $5 copays are long gone, and insurance companies are cleverly finding ways to limit care to their constituents on a daily basis. However, our job @Rausch PT is to take care of YOU. Get YOU to the place you want to go. Keep YOU healthy. And improve YOUR performance.

We have a myriad of options available for you:

#PT, #ART, #PERFORMANCELAB #VO2MAX, #MASSAGE, #ALTERG, #PILATES, #NATURALRUNNING, #RUNRIGHT, #THROWRIGHT, #BIKERIGHT, #ORTHOTICS, and more! YOU are what’s important. YOUR success is our priority, and we are committed to GETTING YOU THERE.

For more help in choosing your health insurance, please email your questions to or just stop by the office (PS – we like donuts:)

Cheers to YOUR health,

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School Shoes

Rausch Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

Look at this foot in a stilletto. Ouch! And you wonder where Neuromas come from…

Make the most important decision for your child’s athletic career and foot health for the rest of their life.

Pick the right shoe!

We are cursed with weak, deformed, narrowed, and problematic feet. And it started when we were small. Those super cute shoes that you shoved your kids feet into for way too long are the start of the dysfunction that permeates a lifetime of tough footwear choices.

I am not a crazed barefoot dictator, there are in fact some shoes out there that are great for your feet and your kids feet.

Rausch Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

Cyclists beware, you’re some of the worst offenders of the feet! Just because your feet don’t hit the ground doesn’t mean they don’t matter. your toes should be able to spread out and wiggle in your shoes!

But what do short and tight shoes do to your foot anyway?

In short, they bend your toes inward (causing bunions); tighten your calves (changing your posture & run form); weaken your feet (altering the way you run); and so much more…

These effects start the minute you put on a shoe that is too small, too tight, has a high heel and so on. All of these alter the normal mechanics of you foot leading to more and more changes as you age.

The detrimental effects are somewhat noticeable during childhood and may look like Severe’s Disease.

Then when sports get a little more intense during early teen years foot dysfunction can lead to Patellar Tendonitis.

Fast forward another 15 years when you’ve started to recapture your youth and get back into fitness by training for a Half Marathon, you wind up with Plantar Fascitis. Jump another 20 years, and you’re having a hard time walking around the harbor because of knee arthritis. Told you this was a big deal…

Of course there is hope!

At any time in this cycle you can choose the right shoes and take care of your feet. So start with your kids this year. Check out this list when buying shoes:

  1. Buy bigger! Give them as much room as possible
  2. Look for a wider toe box (the front of the shoe)
  3. FORGET stability shoes (they don’t work nor have they ever…)
  4. Get the flattest shoe possible (zero drop is a big buzz word)
  5. Say no to heels!
Rausch Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

Look how bent those toes are!

Remember, less is more.

All research has shown that extra padding in shoes is a waste and actually causes more trauma to the foot and knee joints as well. Think about shoes like Vans or Converse. They protect your feet from the ground, but allow your feet to work like they should. Furthermore, take your shoes off as much as possible. Play barefoot in the grass, sand or dirt. Its great for your feet!

Shoe Recommendations:

School Shoes:

  • Altra
  • Vans
  • Merrell
  • Converse

  Running Shoes:

  • Newton
  • Altra
Rausch Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

Ahhh, now these are beautiful feet. Wide, spread toes. Thick pads and stable.

Take the time this year, to get your kids feet into the most mechanically sound shoes possible. It matters now and later. Our feet didn’t get this messed up overnight, so if you’ve got issues; get into the office ASAP so we can help direct you back on track. We’re here to help.

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Optimistically, positive stuff happen…

Leading Off Featured ArticleI watched a rad show this week on Netflix. But if you know me, you know my TV watching is a bit eclectic. Yes, I watch the Kardashians, Real Housewives of the OC, Wicked Tuna, Deadliest Catch, Brad Brad World, and my new favorite Ladies of London! (Caroline Rules). Judge if you must… But I’ve found a new line of shows on Netflix called TED Talks. You may know some TED Talks from web searches or youtube. If you don’t know TED Talks- you should. They are a non-profit organization devoted to “spreading ideas”. Usually in the form of short but powerful talks. Started in the mid 80’s; Technology, Entertainment, and Design. But think science, business, and global issues talked through by really entertaining people in a short enough time span to keep you tuned in.

Leading Off Blog PicOne episode caught my attention, titled “Optimism Bias” by Tali Sharot.  This episode by Tali Sharot gives some great… Not only do “Optimist’s” get sick less, have better psychological health, stronger immune systems, are more attractive, heal faster, can handle stress better, the list goes on and on… But as Dr. Sharot points out, optimism has its challenges as well. Most optimists can be lead astray while making tough decisions because they only see the “bright side”.

Leading Off Blog Pic 1I know this to be true in my own decision making models. I literally have to force myself to look at the other side of the coin, while making tough decisions. My default is to see the positive opportunity first, but that doesn’t make a good or well thought decision. By forcing myself to think or plan for the what if’s, the best decision can be made. But being an optimist, makes me do one thing really well. It makes me work harder. Because I know my optimism can be achieved. Not by sitting back and letting “everything take its course”, but by pushing through, over, and above to make the positive stuff happen.

Optimism and Positivity should stimulate you to make the optimistically, positive stuff happen! So look on the bright side today, but do it actively.

Dr. Tali Sharot’s Lecture

Happy Anniversary to US!

Happy Anniversary to US!It’s impossible for me to forget the very first day of Rausch PT. Such a leap of faith, such a step forward, such work in progress…

It still is, a work in progress really. We are always finding ways to improve, new services to help more people, and new ways to deal with the ever changing healthcare and insurance worlds. But the stamp of the first day of Rausch PT is so clear in my mind. It was pretty simple really. I only saw two patients, but they were the first two patients of the beginning of a legacy of Rausch PT. Now, you two patients know exactly who you are, and I can’t thank you enough for your trust, support, and foundation.

Rausch PT & Sports Performance

We’ve grown just a little bit (wink) since our opening in 2006. I am so blessed to be surrounded by 25+ amazing professionals in the clinic and Pilates studio.  We’ve seen so many changes over the past few years, but none so much as the last year. #fastpassPT has made it so much easier to treat injured folks quickly and without any unnecessary delay. Just come on in and start getting better.

Our newest addition to the clinic is the Performance Lab. Our growing clinic has the space and our staff the expertise to redefine your performance, help you gain a competitive advantage and keep you well. The experience of the Performance Lab is just what you are looking for to take care of your body and Out.Perform your competition.

Leading Off Kristi

Come join us for lunch on May 5th to Celebrate our Anniversary and see our growing clinic and Performance Lab. We’ll be hosting Avila’s El Ranchito and Marg’s. So come say hi, connect with your health, and enjoy lunch on us!

See you on May 5th,

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Hello Spring!

leadingoffarticleHello Spring!If the Fire Dept asks, we did NOT have 150+ people in the office for the Lesley Paterson/OC Tri Club event this month. Ok fine, we did. And what an awesome event it was! Lesley brought along her Hugh Grant looking, husband/Sport Psychologist Professor along with her. The energy of these two was just contagious! They shared such great information about how to deal with the mind game of training and racing. I was so struck by the fact, that its not just me that think about junk food and sleeping in. And that even pro’s have to deal with mental distractions, hard times, and more… The duo put on a great show and told our audience how to get over the metal hurdles of sport and how to bring out their inner “Paddy Murphy”. 

Moving on..

my boy started Tee Ball this month. It is so fun (so far). This newsletter is all about youth baseball and features our own youth baseball expert Jonathan Meltzer, DPT. Jonathan has been with our office for 2 years and was hired specifically to take on all of the injuries that come with baseball. Jonathan’s expertise in the office has been a great addition to our environment of healing, and I am personally really excited to see how many kids he is helping on the baseball field.

Remember if anyone is injured and needs immediate attention, we offer #FastPassPT, which allows injured folks to come directly into PT and start healing right away. No waiting, no two weeks rest, just getting better FASTER. Just like the Big Leagues get immediate treatment and get back on the field quicker… Thanks to #FastPassPT we are able to make this happen for YOU!

On a final note, you may see a Rausch PT vehicle on the road near you. I can’t tell you much about it yet, but be prepared to have your mind blown… First person to take a picture of it on the road and post it to our FaceBook page wins a Rausch PT sweatshirt.

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Image of spring flowers in email courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee /


History is Made

itryfeatureSo many historic FIRSTS and it’s only February! Team USA’s first-ever gold in pairs ice dancing. Let’s be honest, it’s my new favorite winter sport! Sochi Olympics is experiencing historic record setting warm temps – some days even warmer than the London Summer Olympics. We launched our historic #FastPassPT. Total Access to PT. No need for approvals or prescriptions. Call us, get in, we’ll take care of the rest while you get better. And finally, Covered California!

I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines about the Covered California coverage issues. If you still can consider other options, do so. But if you’ve already signed up, you need not worry. We’ve found ways to get YOU better. Just call the clinic and ask for Michelle… she’s got all the answers and options for YOU… 

Don’t worry, Rausch PT & Sports Performance has got YOU covered California. No matter what! #FastPassPT, A.R.T., Massage, Pilates and so much more.

On a lighter and way more fun note, thanks for joining us at the iTRY and 5k. Apparently, Rausch PT has the 2 fastest females in Laguna Niguel: Jessica (PT), Jessica (Aide) taking  #1 & #2 overall female titles in the 5k race. The guys did the Tri and rocked it! Christian Snyder (PT Jessica’s hubby) taking the Rausch PT title and winning his age group to boot. Big congratulations to Chris Talambas for completing his first triathlon and Jonathan Meltzer for placing 3rd in his age group!

It was a great morning of fun, family, and racing. Thanks to Renegade Racing for putting on such a great race that allows everyone to compete and have fun together.

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An ExtraOrdinary 2013

Leading OffThe yearly challenge was set for the Rausch PT & Sports Performance team in January 2013, “to be EXTRAORDINARY in everything that you do”. This year has been simply an amazing year full of growth, challenges, additions, opportunities, and more! But the one thing I am most proud of is the TEAM of Rausch PT and their accomplishment of EXTRAORDINARY. We had a WORLD CHAMPION!, multiple CIF winners, first time Ironman finishers, and more race winners and finishers than we can count. We are so proud of all of them! You probably noticed that I say “we” for all of these victories. We take each and every rehab very personally and that we live vicariously through you, our patients. We love it when you compete, play, return, and win. So keep it up!

2013 also brought a few new Team Members and services to the clinic.

We added:

  • Dynamic Touch Massage Therapy
  • ABC Pilates Studio
  • Bite Me Kitchen
  • Our newest staff members Dustin Hancock, Associate PT
  • Lawrence Van Ligen, Clinical A.R.T. Provider

And we are excited to announce that the State of California has approved the PT #FastPass program that allows you to have immediate access to the best treatment and rehab that you need. Rumor has it that 2014 will bring a new service or two and a new way to altitude train!

But most importantly, 2013 allowed us to connect with YOU. Thank you for being a part of our clinic and thank you for making Rausch PT a part of your pit crew. Enjoy your Holiday Season, and we look forward to the amazing things you’ll do in 2014.

Cheers and best wishes,


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