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Give The Gift of Performance

PL article photoThe holidays are upon us once again and with that comes the big question of what to get that special runner in our life! The Performance Lab is here to help with a few articles of great gifts for runners at various price points as well as Performance Lab gifts as well!

Here are a few of the great links:

  1. Runner’s World 30 Under 30
  2. Competitor’s Top 10 Gifts
  3. Ginger Runner’s Gift Guide

However, it can be tough to know whether or not your runner already has the gear or if they will like it. Enter the Performance Lab! We have a great list of offerings that EVERY runner can use and it’s the gift that keeps on giving! The gift may be given in December, but the gains will be seen all throughout the upcoming season.

  1. Run Right – Now is the perfect time to make changes to running form to lead to faster times and less injuries throughout the year. Sessions are an hour long and foucs on biomechanics, muscle recruitment, and range of motion.
  2. VO2 Testing – One of the best ways to determine a Performance Baseline for the upcoming year as well as to learn training zones.
  3. Bike Right - A thorough video analysis of bike form to discovery inefficiencies and power losses.
  4. Hypoxico – Want to have that extra bit of speed at the end of a race? Train at high altitude with Hypoxico and gain the edge to get that PR or bury the competition!

For the above services, Rausch PT & Sports Performance will be offering a 30% discount code: HoliRausch! You can also purchase this in the form of a gift card for that special runner to be redeemed at a later date. Come in to the office or call to purchase your gift and rock your races in the coming year! We hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday and we look forward to PRs, less injuries, and fun running!

Happy Holidays,

The Performance Lab at Rausch PT

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Fall, Time for Change

closedThe Fall and Winter Seasons are now upon us, leaving behind the heat and humidity of this past summer. With that comes that offseason for triathletes, runners, and many other athletes. While this can be a time that drives one to become stir crazy with the lack of racing and training, it is actually the perfect time to work on multiple facets of the your sport, while still getting the much needed rest and recovery from a hard year of racing.

Tweaking a running stride, pedal stroke, or swim stroke during the peak of the season can be a risky endeavour. There is the chance it can lead to temporary soreness, slower times, and less efficiency during the transitional period. However, when there is no race on the line, the transition can be done effectively without worrying how it will impact an upcoming race.

Transition takes time, so make this offseason the offseason where you make all the necessary adjustments you’ve been putting off all year. Schedule a Run Right or Bike Right at Rausch Physical Therapy and get ready for your best year yet! A year with fewer injuries, faster times, and more efficiency. What is a better gift than that? Treat yourself this holiday season.

Questions? email Jack McPheron, Performance Lab Director

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Gait This

Gait This | Rausch PT & Sports PerformanceThere are many ways to do something, but often time there is a better or best way. Just because you can do something a certain way, doesn’t mean you should. Example: You can drive a car at 5000 RPM at all times. The car is fully capable of this and will withstand it…for a while. Your running gait is similar. You can get away with poor mechanics and gait for a while, but in the end it will catch up with you. It will present itself in the form of having to cease running, injuries, or being forced to slow down. None of these are desirable outcomes. The investment of a running gait analysis can really help to identify the key form flaws that will lead to major issues.

Gait This | Rausch PT & Sports PerformanceDid you know the Performance Lab offers such service? We call it “Run Right.” Get your running mechanics analyzed just in time for the off season of racing. Allow yourself the leisure of pressure free training while you strengthen and correct your run form.

Read more about Gait Analysis.

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Training Knowledge is Power

Rausch Physical Therapy and Sports PerformanceVO2 Testing

With the introduction of the internet not all that long ago, we have all quickly realized now more than ever that knowledge is power. We can see this in everyday life and it is important to know that knowledge is extremely powerful when it comes to our athletic training as well. How much knowledge do you have when it comes to your training? Are you aware of your anaerobic threshold, your aerobic threshold, your heart rate training zones, or your resting metabolic rate? If not, you should be!

Many people train at a medium-hard intensity for every workout and wonder why they aren’t seeing the benefits? Training nonspecifically without a plan can lead to plateaus, injuries, and a lack in performance. VO2 testing can help you to determine your training zones as well as your anaerobic and aerobic threshold. All of this information is very important in order to cater your daily workouts to your specific training and racing goals.

A VO2 Test is a graded exercise test on a treadmill or bike with a mask over your face that measures the volume of your expired air as well as the percent of oxygen and carbon dioxide in each expired breath. By gathering this data, one can learn their aerobic and anaerobic threshold, and potentially your VO2 Max. This information will help you to understand your heart rate zones and training intensities for effective training. Heart rate zones are unique to each person’s physiology and should be known when training for any endurance event. Training too hard or too easy can lead to long term damage and falling short of goals.

A VO2 Test is the perfect way for you to gain an edge over your competition and to understand how to train smarter, not harder. VO2 testing isn’t just for the elites anymore as it makes training more enjoyable and safer for athletes of all abilities.

Schedule your test today and get on the road to better performances and less fatigue!


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Jump Start Your Engine

 august newsletter 2014 - Google Docs-2Do you ever get that nagging soreness in your low back as climb hills? Or have a new leg pain as you increased your bike mileage from 20 miles to 75 mile rides? It happens to just about every cyclist. In fact, the data says that roughly 60% of all cyclists will have some sort of soft tissue injury on a yearly basis. Which really isn’t a bad percentage at all. Running injuries happen to 87% of all runners, and almost 65% of all Crossfitter’s are injured yearly. So cycling isn’t all that bad afterall!

But who wants to be hurt? It slows down training, makes us cranky, and prevents us from having fun racing. Luckily, there are quite a few steps you can take to prevent injuries or head them off as they come about. And of course, they will come about. So here’s what you can do:

  • Get regular soft tissue work (ART, Massage, Foam Roll, Lacrosse ball, etc)
  • Cross Train (Yoga, Pilates, Crossfit, P90X)
  • Get an EXPERT Bike Fit
  • and of course, buy everything carbon Di2 aero you can… :)

But let’s visit the idea of Bike Fit for a bit. This is a highly keyed in area in the world of cycling. Most fitter suggest that you have an Expert Bike Fit yearly, to which I have to agree. Cycling is unique amongst endurance sports, as it uses another piece of equipment (the bike) during the sport. Therefore, the mechanics of the bike can directly effect your body. And these effects go up exponentially as your mileage per week increases. The more you ride, the more mechanics matter.

I’d like to make further suggestion – Especially to those of you who are riding distances greater than 30 miles at a time. YOU MATTER! In fact, you matter a lot (pat yourself on the back here). Let’s take a quick look at a race car. Not just any race car but a Formula One… 2 + million dollar race car. That car is perfect. Light, quick, sleek, and ready to race. Now take that car and put great grandma in the drivers seat. How does the car work? If great grandma could get it in gear, it wouldn’t live up to its abilities. I’m not hating on great grandma’s here. I loved my great grandma, she brought me the best German cookies at every visit, but I definitely can’t imagine her driving an Formula One car.

So why do we (the cycling & triathlon community) allow great grandma to ride our super high performance, carbon framed, Di2 shifting rocket ship of a bike? This is where Bike RIGHT comes in…

  • cycling mechanics
  • knee position
  • posture
  • saddle position and fit
  • head position
  • pedaling form
  • muscular and flexibility imbalances

august newsletter 2014 - Google Docs-3Bike Right is how you take great grandma out of the driver seat and put Jeff Gordon (YOU) in it. We will analyze your form with biomechanical video software, check your body for imbalances and issues, and teach you how to sit, pedal, and move better on your bike. This Bike RIGHT is all about YOU.

Call the office (949) 276-5401 and schedule your Bike Right session (with Jeff Gordon.. wink-wink).

There is a better way to Run!

Performance Article BlogEach and every runner possesses a unique running style based on their injuries, anatomy, and experiences. We all have our little hitches and traits, however, there is a better way to run. Every runner has inefficiencies in their gait that cost energy and speed. A Run Right will help you to identify these inefficiencies to enable you to run faster and stronger for longer. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Your Run Right analysis begins with a comprehensive physical evaluation to determine your muscle recruitment patterns, range of motion, pains, and running background. Following the physical evaluation you will have a chance to experience the Alter-G Treadmill to have your gait analyzed. Video recording will be utilized from 4 different camera angles to get a complete view of your running gait.
  • Performance Lab Featured ArticleFollowing the video recording, we will walk you through your gait frame by frame. Inefficiencies and biomechanical flaws will be identified and strategies to correct them will be provided.
  • After the analysis, we will put you back on the Alter-G treadmill to practice your efficient gait with running cues.
  • The analysis will finish with us walking you through your results. Strategies for improvement and necessary strengthening regimen will be discussed along with key exercises to ensure a successful home program.
  • All runners will be sent home with their results, a self massage ball, and the knowledge on how to Run Right. 

Everyone can benefit from a Run Right!

Be sure to call the clinic and get yours scheduled today (949) 276-5401.


So you wanna go fast?

hpl1So you wanna go fast? Our Performance Lab is ready. Are YOU ready? Train and breathe on the most advanced altitude simulator, run weightless on the anti-gravity treadmill. Take a TRX class, schedule a Clinical A.R.T. session or get a massage to help your body recover.

Our complete performance & wellness services will help you gain speed to OUT.RUN the competition, gain strength to OUT.RIDE the pack and gain endurance to OUT.LAST them all.

Let us help you maximize your athletic potential and redefine your performance:

  • Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill
  • Hypoxico – Simulated Altitude Training System
  • Clinical A.R.T. (Active Release Technique)
  • Bike, Run and Throwing Video Analysis
  • Pilates Studio
  • TRX Resistance Training
  • Sports & Recovery Massage
  • Custom Bike & Run Orthotics
  • Bite Me Kitchen – Freshly prepared meals made to fuel your life

Breakaway from the pack and get started today. SCHEDULE HERE

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Out.Run Out.Ride Out.LAST

Out.Run  Out.Ride  Out.LASTWant to gain a competitive advantage? Want to redefine your performance? Our Performance Lab is ready for you. Are you ready?

Train and breathe on the most advanced altitude simulator, run weightless on the anti-gravity treadmill. Get a massage to help your body to recover. Our complete performance & wellness offerings will help you gain speed to Out.sprint the competition, gain strength to Out.climb the pack and gain endurance to Out.last them all. 

Maximize your athletic prowess and redefine your performance with us!

  • Alter G – The Anti-Gravity Treadmill
  • Hypoxico – The NEW Simulated Altitude Training System
  • Active Release Techniques (ART)
  • Bike, Run and Throwing Video Analysis
  • Pilates Studio
  • TRX Resistance Training
  • Sports & Recovery Massage
  • Custom Bike & Run Orthotics
  • Bite Me Kitchen – Freshly prepared meals made to fuel your life  

Breakaway from the pack and get started today. Get on the performance schedule:

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America’s Pastime Needs a Present Twist

imagesbaseballBaseball is a sport of history, passion and consistency. It has been America’s sport since the early 1900s and continues to be extremely popular from the Little League up through the major leagues. The traditions and schools of teaching of this sport are passed down from generation to generation.  

The common phrases “this is how my coach taught me” or “this is the way it has always been done” continues to dominate the sport because of its rich traditions.

The problem with these thought processes is the failure to recognize the increase in injuries and coaches going out of their way to adjust to new tactics to prevent them.

Currently in youth baseball, 50% of athletes will develop a form of shoulder or elbow pain in a single season. The number of injuries continues to increase each and every year with more young athletes having to stop playing. A shift in traditional thought needs to take place. Injury prevention requires more than just your typical rotator cuff strength training. The four rotator cuff muscles, although important only make up 16% of the throwing motion. There is so much more

strength training of the scapular region, abdominal core and balance that is required for improved performance and injury prevention. The idea of no pain no game should be eliminated. Playing through pain especially in the arm region usually means an injury is already six weeks in the making.

My name is Jonathan, I am the baseball specialist at Rausch PT. I have created a specific dynamic warm up to be used on the field pre and post games and an online exercise program that can be accessed at anytime. Check it out here:
login: clinic id: 1006

If you have a injury or experience pain get into see me immediately. I can evaluate, treat and give you a specific plan of exercises. Preventing the injuries now will lead to a successful spring season. Play ball… the Right Way! 

The Serious Athlete’s Unfair Advantage

Jack Singer, Ph.D.By Jack N. Singer, Ph.D.
Consulting Sport Psychologist

Every coach and every athlete understands that technique, physical conditioning and game strategy can only go so far in determining success in sports.  The mental and emotional contributors to success are huge.  How often do we see relatively unknown athletes charge on to victory and huge underdogs overcome tremendous odds to beat favorites, both in individual sports and in teams?  

When contributions to excellence in sport are calculated, often the most important…yet least trained…are the roles of mental and emotional processes.  Peak performance… performing your very best at any particular point in time…is only attained when you have a combination of mental, emotional, and physical qualities working in close harmony.

Over the past 30 years a new science, “Sport Psychology,” has emerged, with a strong research base of skills sets aimed at giving the athlete every advantage available to supplement his/her athletic preparation.  The objectives of Sport Psychology include training in the following:  mental toughness and intensity, self-confidence, regardless of the competition and score, getting into and staying in “the zone,” overcoming worry and anxiety during competition, preventing and overcoming injuries, perfecting pain management, and maintaining anger and emotional control at “crunch time.”

There are many proven and powerful techniques for accomplishing the above, including visualization, goal-setting, internal dialogue control, and an emerging strategy…sports hypnosis!  Sports hypnosis is really the essence of the “unfair advantage” as it plants new tracks on an athlete’s subconscious mind and seriously exercises the right brain, often overlooked in the elite athlete’s training. 

The field of Sport Psychology also has also developed many skill sets for teams, including: selection of athletes based on personality traits, the development of team cohesiveness, overcoming coach-to-athlete barriers to communications, and maintaining a winning/optimistic attitude regardless of score.

So, you can see how using Sport Psychology techniques to develop skill sets is truly an unfair advantage for any athlete or team that uses them.

If you want to ask Dr. Jack about your Sports Psychology challenges, please contact him at (949) 481-5660.  For our readers, Dr. Jack will provide you with a free, 20 minute phone consultation.