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The Hips Don’t Lie

to your health articleIt’s all about the hips and the hips don’t lie. It sounds like a joke or a song you hear on the radio, but it is true. As a Physical Therapist and being an avid mountain biker, I have seen a significant increase in lower back pain and the associated hip flexor muscle (illiopsoas) tightness. We all tend to blame our muscles for the aches and pains we have, but we should really blame ourselves for not understanding that the muscles are doing what they should be doing.  

If you put them in a short position such as sitting at a desk for work, sleeping in a fetal position, or getting on a mountain bike for a few hours the hip flexors are going to adaptively shorten.  This adaptive shortening inhibits the ability for your powerhouse muscles (gluteus maximus and medius), in other words your booty, to generate the power to move well or go faster on the bike.  We need to understand that stretching the hip flexor muscle will alone improve our efficiency and power output which means more speed or it means less back pain.  

to your health blog picIf you are one of the millions of hard working Americans that sit at a desk for hours on end, whether at work or in school, you must have some maintenance program to unwind the tightness.

Ask yourself a question, do you feel like an old man or woman when you stand after sitting? If your answer is YES, then you should consider a little self-mobilization/soft tissue work and a good hip flexor stretch.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to lie your stomach and roll really high on the front of the hip on a foam roller for 2-3 minutes on each side – it should be really uncomfortable but you shouldn’t ever feel like you are injuring yourself.  One of my other favorites is to lie on a small to medium size ball right along the hip flexor. Where exactly is your hip flexor you ask? Well, take your hand to the top of your hip bone on the front side. Move one inch towards your center and one inch down. That will more or less land you on the start of the hip flexor tendon. The muscle group affected lie above that region. Lying on a ball, you can follow that line to reach the affected areas. The idea is to allow the ball to settle into the hip flexor muscle and literally try to breathe deeply into the stomach and allow the muscle to melt the tension away.  Then you follow that up with a good 1-2 min hip flexor stretch.  

If you are looking for daily simple stretches you can perform either of the two illustrated, but remember if you have any lower back pain please stop and ask a professional.

Dustin Hancock, PT, DPT.


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12 New Fitness Rules

healtharticleFitness research is ever evolving. There are new articles every time we turn around. So what is the latest and greatest. Outside Magazine decided to take a look at the past, present and future and create a list of the top 12 Fitness Rules.

As a group centred around outdoor enthusiast, they have taken their 37 years in the industry and come up with the following. Keep in mind that each person’s body is different, experiment and pay attention to how YOU respond. Read what Outside has listed as their top fitness trends.

Outside Magazine link

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Check YOUR Engine Light!

Check Your Engine Light | Rausch PT & Sports Performance“I saw the sign, but didn’t open up my eyes”! We hear it all the time. Your body tried to warn you. Your Check Engine light came on. It told you an injury was coming, but you decided to push through pain. It told you to get more rest, or you will get sick. We get it. Pushing ourselves is a true way to make progress toward improving our fitness and life goals. But we can’t achieve our personal best if we choose not to LISTEN TO OUR BODY!

Check Your Engine Light | Rausch PT & Sports PerformanceTune in to hear the alarms our bodies are sounding and know what to listen for. Stop popping ibuprofen just to make it through your next workout. You will run yourself right into an injury. Know how to identify if you have signs of overtraining. Listen to your body to solve sleep problems you may be facing.

Learn how to pay extra close attention to your body and it’s “check engine” light to improve your overall health, increase your vitality and enhance your performance.

Interested in learning more? READ ON!

6 Fitness Trends on the Rise

Rausch Physical Therapy and Sports PerformanceWe are still enjoying the last few weeks of summer and the Huffington Post has already forecasted the fitness trends for 2015. Many of you have the latest and greatest gadgets, tech toys and wearable devices the sync up with apps to track your runs, rides, steps and sleep patterns.

What are we stoked about? Many of the fitness trends that we as a leading PT clinic and self-care experts (Dynamic Massage & ABC Pilates) have been saying for years is considered the top fitness trends for 2015:

  • Restorative Care
  • Recovery
  • Foam Roller

The new slogan to consider, Train Hard, Recover Harder! It used to be “No Pain, No Gain! Times have changed. Thankfully.

What’s really exciting? We are ahead of the curve!

Read the article in The Huffington Post and see if you are a fitness trendsetter:

2015 Forecasted Fitness Trends

View the NEW Restorative classes offered at ABC Pilates

View the Recovery massages offered at Dynamic Touch

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The Worst Foods on the Planet!

Worst Foods | Rausch Physical Therapy & Sports PerformanceThey have some pretty dark secrets!

Most of us could guess the majority of the worst foods on the planet, but bet you don’t know why they’re so bad for us. Where do you think “movie theatre popcorn” ranks? How about farmed salmon or milk?

Find out what are the 15 Unhealthiest Foods on the Planet.

Once you get the low down on the real reasons they are a lousy choice for your health, you’ll think twice before reaching for that afternoon snack.

Read the article and let us know if you learned anything new:


More Athletes Than Ever are on the JUICE

To Your Health ArticleFor the past few years, athletes have been guzzling beet juice before their races to load up on nitrate, which helps muscles use oxygen more efficiently. We usually think of nitrate as a nutritional villain in foods like hot dogs and bacon, but a growing body of research suggests that it plays a crucial role in cardiovascular health. But, if you don’t care for the taste of beets and you prefer “natural” ways to JUICE.

There are other healthy and natural beverages you can grab and down a glass for amazing health and endurance benefits.

To Your Health BlogSome include:

1) Watermelon Juice:

  • Reducer of post training muscle soreness and aches due to the amino acid and L-citrulline.

2) Pickle Juice

  • Provides athletes a two-for-one punch with sodium and vinegar in just one shot to help reduce cramps and prevent hydration 

To Your Health Blog 23) Dark Tart Cherry Juice

  • Helps to reduce post-race muscle soreness and fatigue due to the enormous amount of antioxidants.

4) Capuacu Juice

  • Chock full of polyphenols and flavonoids— natural ingredients found in cocoa, helps to relieve pain and strengthen immunity.

5) Apple Cider Vinegar

  • An Apple a Day will keep the doctor away is true! Apple Cider Vinegar will provide athletes with amazing performance and recovery benefits.   


Click HERE to read the complete article and learn how to pick the right juice!


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Restore Your Body

toyourhealth2This time of year, we hear a lot about RECOVERY.  Recovery drinks, recovery compression, recovery time. Recovery from racing is incredibly important, make no mistake, equally important is the RESTORATIVE element.

What does “restorative” mean? In our context, it means revive or renew health, strength and spirits.

Day in and day out we work, we train and we run our mind and body ragged. So why not be gentle to it? Allow ourselves to have a little TLC and embrace the importance of restoring our bodies.

Mentally, escape from the daily grind, the stress, and let our mind go silent. Embrace the pleasure of letting go. When we allow our mind to relax, physically our body will follow suit. Of course, this is always easier said than done.

So how can you restore your body?

Try out Dynamic Touch’s “Deep Relaxation Massage.” Sometimes the spa experience massage is just what your bodies needs. The “Deep Relaxation Massage” helps reset the bodies nervous system, flushes and balances stress hormones, improves digestion and rejuvenates the mind, body and soul.

The next time you are feeling like you have hit a wall and just need a break, jump on Dynamic Touch and schedule your mini escape.

Healthy Earth, Healthy You

Healthy Earth, Healthy YouSure we hear all about earth day year after year. We plant a tree, make sure we recycle better this week over last, but do we really understand how important the earths health is to OUR health? Think about all the daily activities we do? We go to the gym, take a yoga class, run, swim, play sports all for our health. Mentally it calms us, physically we feel stronger. But what happens when we spend so much time doing things for US and not enough to keep that beautiful spinning earth healthy? 

On a daily occurrence, we fall victim to buying that bottled water, drink it and toss is (HOPEFULLY) into the recycling bin. That’s not always the case, that bottle then travels to the dump and sometimes into our ocean. They are not biodegradable. Sure, after 20 plus years the plastic will break down to itty bitty pieces we don’t recognize, but it’s still there. The ones that end up in the ocean, same deal. This time though it becomes food for fish and other marine life. If the world can’t digest this piece, how can an animal? These animals then fall into the food chain and before we know it, you and I are eating fish that are being poisoned from plastic waste.  Hungry?

If you are like me, I like to know that I can change my own car oil…. do I WANT to do it? Not so much. So I pay the guy at jiffy lube to take care of my dirty car needs and walk away without a second thought in my mind. What happens with that oil? Well big companies take the time to dispose of them properly, but even they can only do so much to take care with waste. When that oil, or other toxic liquids for that matter, are not disposed of properly they seep into our land, rivers, lakes and ocean.  Some of these will reach our water table, that place deep underground where water runs fresh and untouched. We drill and tap into these “fresh” water sources, pump them through our cities so that we have clean water to drink. It looks clean, but what we don’t see could be hurting us. Thirsty anyone?

This year, make it a point to not just say, but DO better. Think of what and how you are disposing waste. Whether it’s plastic, oil, fertilizer or more think about how this will infact come full circle. Let’s not just take of ourselves…. but this fabulous little world we live on as well.

Want to learn more about how YOU can make a difference? Check out these groups below.


Eating for Strength and Recovery

cyclistBy Christine Rosenbloom, PhD, RDN, CSSD

Active people don’t want to think about injury, but anyone who participates in sports knows that muscle pulls, sprains, broken bones, stress fractures or orthopedic surgery may sideline you for a while. What you eat after injury can help you recover from surgery, heal wounds, and strengthen bones and muscles to get you back on your feet and back to an active lifestyle. read more

When injury strikes and you have to limit your physical activity, make sure to cut down on portion sizes to compensate for decreased calorie burning. No need for the post-workout protein shakes or energy bars to fuel your workout; instead, eat nutrient-rich foods 3 to 4 times a day to provide the needed vitamins and minerals without extra calories from pre- or post-workout snacks.


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The Best Fitness Apps!

charitymilesIf you’re like most athletes, we LOVE to see what our workout is actually doing for us. Whether is out heart rate, calories burned, or miles logged, the “Type A” inside all of us NEEDS TO KNOW.  

Active has put together the top 15 Best Fitness apps for 2014. So, if you need to be chased by Zombies to get you off the couch or friendly competition on Strava to hold the records. These apps will keep you motivated and moving.

Do you already use these? Post on our facebook YOUR personal favorite and why.