Eye-Catching TapeWhat is Kinesiology Taping? The myth behind the colorful, eye-catching tape every athlete seems to be wearing.  Kinesiology Tape. Kinesio-tape. Rock Tape. K-Tape. SpiderTech. There are many brands available today.

Created in the late 1970’s by Kenso Kase, DC with the goal to target the largest organ in your body…your SKIN…and use it to help your body heal. The tape is applied directly to the skin and is able to:

  1. Increase your bodies’ awareness
  2. Increase circulation by decompressing the skin and underlying facial tissue
  3. Encourage full range of motion

So what does this all mean? The tape can increase blood flow, increase tissue temperature and reduce pain. The tape can give you postural feedback.  The tape can encourage your body to move in a more functional movement pattern. The tape can help your body flush out excessive swelling.

In other words, Kinesiology tape is comfortable, dynamic and can be used for several impairments.  Just remember the tape needs to be applied by a professional who can assess your dysfunctions and determine if/when/how to apply the tape to maximally benefit you.

We have various colors of tape to match your personal style. Let us know your favorite!