Healthy Earth, Healthy YouSure we hear all about earth day year after year. We plant a tree, make sure we recycle better this week over last, but do we really understand how important the earths health is to OUR health? Think about all the daily activities we do? We go to the gym, take a yoga class, run, swim, play sports all for our health. Mentally it calms us, physically we feel stronger. But what happens when we spend so much time doing things for US and not enough to keep that beautiful spinning earth healthy? 

On a daily occurrence, we fall victim to buying that bottled water, drink it and toss is (HOPEFULLY) into the recycling bin. That’s not always the case, that bottle then travels to the dump and sometimes into our ocean. They are not biodegradable. Sure, after 20 plus years the plastic will break down to itty bitty pieces we don’t recognize, but it’s still there. The ones that end up in the ocean, same deal. This time though it becomes food for fish and other marine life. If the world can’t digest this piece, how can an animal? These animals then fall into the food chain and before we know it, you and I are eating fish that are being poisoned from plastic waste.  Hungry?

If you are like me, I like to know that I can change my own car oil…. do I WANT to do it? Not so much. So I pay the guy at jiffy lube to take care of my dirty car needs and walk away without a second thought in my mind. What happens with that oil? Well big companies take the time to dispose of them properly, but even they can only do so much to take care with waste. When that oil, or other toxic liquids for that matter, are not disposed of properly they seep into our land, rivers, lakes and ocean.  Some of these will reach our water table, that place deep underground where water runs fresh and untouched. We drill and tap into these “fresh” water sources, pump them through our cities so that we have clean water to drink. It looks clean, but what we don’t see could be hurting us. Thirsty anyone?

This year, make it a point to not just say, but DO better. Think of what and how you are disposing waste. Whether it’s plastic, oil, fertilizer or more think about how this will infact come full circle. Let’s not just take of ourselves…. but this fabulous little world we live on as well.

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