pilatesfeaturedAs we come out of our heavy race and training season, we more often than not look forward to what most of us call the “off season” So what do we do with this down time? The past 6 months we have put miles on the trails, pavement, court, pool, etc. While it may sound great to throw all caution to the wind and indulge in our holiday festivities, most of us athlete’s have a hard time functioning if we do not utterly exhaust ourselves. Since eating one too many christmas cookies and holding down the couch for the next few months is just not at option, how do we “rest” while not losing our strength?
The answer: Quality over Quantity.
Take this “down time” to really hone in on your form, technique, efficiency, and yes I’m going to say this too, nutrition. We already know we can cycle for hours upon hours. Run 10′s. 20′s and for some…..100′s of miles. What we want is to listen to our body this time of year. That ache in your knee, the shoulder that needs ice after a ride or tough game.
Think of football players. They don’t decide they want to play and just go for it. Instead, they train. They do drills, they learn play’s, they build strength. As runners, cyclist, swimmers, dancers we have to do the same. During our off season we can truly listen to our body, the whispers that are telling us “ouch”.
So how do we do this? We start with strength. Hips, knees, core, shoulder. We work on drills to improve speed, agility, technique and form. We listen to our body. That ache in the back, the nagging shoulder after a swim, the knee that makes you cut your run short. We take the time to see our physical therapy partner and work out the “kinks” in our body.
When we return to race season, our bodies will have the strength, form and control to endure those long hours of training. We have taken the time to refine our motion, our skill our technique and in true Rausch form, prepare to “podium or quit”.